Golden Ratio Coloring Book: A Hand-Drawn Adult Coloring Book

Your soul will resonate with these captivating illustrations hand-drawn by artist Rafael Araujo. Our consciousness is finely tuned to these geometric drawings because they are based on a universal natural pattern: Phi, the Golden Ratio. This ratio equals 1.618 and is ubiquitous in the realm of nature. As you color them in, your mind will focus and the energy flow will induce in you stress relieving mindfulness and relaxation. An adult colouring book with 25 illustrations, including grayscale…”

The Golden Ratio

ISBN 10 : 1454710225
ISBN 13 : 9781454710226

The elegance of mathematics meets the creativity of art in this unique coloring book. The golden ratio is the mathematical equation that describes what many consider the "divine pr..

Coloring Fibonacci In Nature

ISBN 10 : 9781329770850
ISBN 13 : 1329770854

Assembled here is a collection of outline illustrations inspired by the Fibonacci number sequence found in nature. They appear everywhere in nature, from the leaf arrangement in pl..

The Golden Ratio

ISBN 10 : 1435298330
ISBN 13 : 9781435298330

Offers a look at phi, or "the golden ratio," discovered by Euclid more than two thousand years ago, examining the meaning of this remarkable mathematical proportion in terms of sci..

Visions Of The Universe

ISBN 10 : 9781615193677
ISBN 13 : 1615193677

Peek "behind the scenes" of the universe--and see math in brilliant color! For curious minds throughout history, math was truly an art. In Visions of the Universe, you can pick up ..


ISBN 10 : 0997980508
ISBN 13 : 9780997980509

Let your creativity take flight! From the peacock to the penguin, Birds! features a wide variety of our feathered friends in their natural habitats. These 28 illustrations were han..

The Golden Ratio Colouring Book

ISBN 10 : 191055264X
ISBN 13 : 9781910552643

Everyone talks vaguely about the 'patterns' to be found in mathematics, but in this colouring book you will find them in all their inspirational glory.Many of the intricate waves, ..

Creative Haven Grumpy Cat Hates Coloring

ISBN 10 : 9780486808130
ISBN 13 : 0486808130

It's the face that launched a thousand quips! Grumpy Cat® fans will prize this tribute coloring book and its portrait gallery, which features 31 intricate full-page designs of the..

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