Handbook For The Recently Deceased

The Original Handbook For The Recently Deceased

ISBN 10 : 0895560682
ISBN 13 : 9780895560681

This title covers such topics as etiquette during one's own funeral, fun games to play when you are dead, how to tell where you are, how to put up with eternity, and much more...

The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy

ISBN 10 : 9780688156817
ISBN 13 : 0688156819

From breathtaking stop-action animation to bittersweet modern fairy tales, filmmaker Tim Burton has become known for his unique visual brilliance -- witty and macabre at once. Now ..

Tobin S Spirit Guide Revised 2016 Edition

ISBN 10 : 9781942574095
ISBN 13 : 1942574096

NOT YOUR WIKIPEDIA LISTINGS, NOR IS THIS FOR A GAME! This will be the very same book listed in GHOSTBUSTERS 3! Since its first publication over 100 years ago, Tobin's Spirit Guide ..

A Newcomer S Guide To The Afterlife

ISBN 10 : 9780307428691
ISBN 13 : 0307428699

The guide of choice for anyone who plans to die someday--are YOU ready for the AFTERLIFE? To find out, take this simple quiz: 1. Like Earth, the Afterlife has celebrities, outcasts..

Guerrilla Warfare

ISBN 10 : 0842026789
ISBN 13 : 9780842026789

Che Guevara, the larger-than-life hero of the 1959 revolutionary victory that overturned the Cuban dictatorship, believed that revolution would also topple the imperialist governme..

Trauma Is Really Strange

ISBN 10 : 9780857012401
ISBN 13 : 0857012401

What is trauma? How does it change the way our brains work? And how can we overcome it? When something traumatic happens to us, we dissociate and our bodies shut down their normal ..

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